Discovery Expeditions, and its partner company, Academic Expeditions, Inc.(opens in a new tab), were founded and are still operated by committed educators and travel industry leaders who are passionate about the empowering force that educational travel can have on the mind and spirit. It is our mission to offer travelers of all ages the highest quality customized experiential travel programs in the larger world. We are committed to enhancing each traveler’s experience by making their travel program come alive outside of their daily environment. It is our mission to have our clients truly experience the natural world, history, and culture in fresh and exciting ways through the experiences they have in nature, the places they visit, stories they hear, and interactions they have with local people. It is also our goal to achieve this optimal travel experience while demanding and maintaining the highest degrees of safety, fun, integrity and respect for each and every client, and respect for the people and destinations visited.

At Discovery Expeditions, our educational philosophy is that the best way for our travelers to learn about nature and cultures is through experiential learning. We partner with educators and expert tour operators across the world to create educational experiences that promote a deeper understanding of the global world. At Discovery Expeditions, we endeavor to make your Expedition the experience of a lifetime. We are excited to embark on this journey together.


There are many reasons why you should travel with Discovery Expeditions. Here are a few of our clients’ favorites:

Fully Customized Tour Development

We work with you to create a fully customized itinerary that meets your group’s specific needs. We’ll put our expertise to work on your behalf to make sure your experience truly is your own. We know that every group is unique and we always treat them as such.

Safe and Secure Travel – Safety is our # 1 priority

Our multi-level safety network insures that your safety is our number one priority. We also offer one of the most comprehensive travel protection policies in the industry. With this network in place, you can be assured peace of mind while traveling.

Outstanding Experiential Content

Travelers are provided with informative and relevant instruction which is brought to life during the Expedition through lively and exciting programming designed to encourage higher order thinking through experiential learning. Specially designed hands on learning programs, reenactments, and live presentations given by historical figures and local experts are all part of this learning experience. It is our goal to provide you with an opportunity of a lifetime and to open the door to lifelong learning, inspiration and discovery through travel.

Expert Expedition Leaders

Our professional Expedition Leaders, many of who are current and experienced educators, will help you experience destinations in fresh and exciting ways. The stories they hear, the places they visit and people they encounter will help transform history and culture into something you experience and understand firsthand for yourselves. Your full time Expedition Leader is committed to your complete satisfaction and is with your group for the entire duration of your tour.

Unique Accommodations and Amenities

We are not the type of people who travel on package tours, and even though we specialize in “group” travel, we don’t want you to feel like you’re on a package tour, staying in cookie-cutter hotels and eating in chain restaurants. We aim to support local enterprises and the local people wherever we travel.

Inclusive Tour Pricing

At Discovery Expeditions, we never try to add hidden fees; the pricing for all of our tours is all-inclusive, unless otherwise arranged in your custom itinerary and travel agreement. Your Expedition price includes all transportation expenses, guiding fees and tips, entrance fees and meals when traveling with the group. With adult tours, we understand the need to do some exploring on your own, and we encourage it when most suitable, and leave you with the freedom to make some of your own wandering and meal choices.

Partner Affiliations

Rather than try to be all things to all people on our own, we actively partner with travel professionals and organizations to connect like-minded travelers, and to engage those travelers with local experts and cultural organizations in the destinations and communities visited.