Requesting a Trip Quote

While individual travelers are encouraged to join almost all of our trips, the trip structure is based on a group of people to leverage better costs. So, we’re not only looking for individuals to fill spaces in a trip, but often a coordinating leader or organization with connections in a community to help create the group. We need to know about your community, connections, and goals in order to customize a trip offer for you.


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  • For example: one or multiple destinations/countries and focus/theme you would like the program to have.

  • Estimates are fine as we will generate price tiers according to the number of travelers

  • Academic subject or program focus, if applicable

  • If flying, which airport or airports best service your community? Do you expect all the travelers to be flying out of the same airport?

  • Let us know if your travel dates are flexible, as we might be able to get better flights or hotel rates on different days of the week. If visiting multiple cities, let us know how many days you’d like to spend in each.

  • Please list anything that might be an add-on to a typical itinerary. Note, your quote can always be amended with changes to your itinerary later, but the sooner we know the specifics of your requests, the better.