Detailed Itinerary

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Depart – Saturday, May 25

Flight No. Air France 031

Departing (ATL) Atlanta, GA Sat May 25 at 05:00 PM

Arriving (CDG) Paris, France Sun May 26 at 07:20 AM

Layover in Paris

Flight No. Air France 1642

Departing (CDG) Paris, France Sun May 26 at 08:40 AM

Arriving (GVA) Geneva, Switzerland Sun May 26 at 09:45 AM

Arrive – Sunday, May 26

9:45am GVA (Geneva, Switzerland)

May 26: Inspiration is the beginning of something incredible!

Arrive in Geneva, Switzerland (GVA airport) and meet your Angels of Travel tour guide, Angelique.

A café facing the Lake Geneva and you, drinking a hot drink with the Alps as a guest at your table.

Meals Covered: B, D



May 27: Inspiration is your chocolate essence!

A romantic castle with the morning sunlight, a pink sandwich, a kiss to Freddie Mercury & a luxurious lesson in chocolate making.

Meals Covered: B, D


May 28: Inspiration is self love!

A leisurely morning & a spacious spa nestled in a spectacular setting among the gorgeous Alps.

Meals Covered: B, D


May 29: Inspiration is trusting your steps to get there!

A walk in the past of historical Annecy that leads to a splash in its lake and the sounds of laughter that remain with you until the night.

Meals Covered: B, D

May 30: Inspiration is ataraxia in the middle of stunning scenery!

Silence in the Alps.

Meals Covered: B, D

May 31: Italy, the inspiration you can wear!

The touch of Italian leather accompanied by a sip of real cappuccino and the perfect pesto pasta eaten with the beautiful Italian Riviera at your feet.

Meals Covered: B, D

June 1: Inspiration is to let the temptation for excellence lead your way!

The enchanting aroma of Southern edibles blessed by the sun at the flower market, the sublime taste of Pierre’s ice cream with the wondrous view of the French Riviera.

Meals Covered: B, D

June 2: Inspiration is finding your own paradise on earth!

What a sight! Private white sandy beaches, untouched nature and you in this picture.

Meals Covered: B, D

June 3: Inspiration is you!

Flight Home: Delta 025

Departing (NCE) Nice, France Mon Jun 03 at 10:50 AM

Arriving (ATL) Atlanta, GA Mon Jun 03 at 03:05 PM

Meals Covered: B