Italy (Abruzzo region)

Almost two-thirds of this area are covered by the mountains

Three National Parks

‘Home of Chefs’

What makes the Abruzzo region so special?
East of Rome, and easily accessible from the airport, this medieval and renaissance region is full of surprises! Located in the ‘green heart’ of Italy, Abruzzo boasts national parks, lush mountains and valleys as well as an Adriatic coastline. Famed for authentic cuisine and traditional hilltop villages, the beauty of this region is tucked away from the common tourist trails. Here you will find a mountain range covered in olive groves, which seemingly drops off the face of the earth and into the Adriatic Sea. If you’re looking to craft your own adventure, embrace age-old traditions, and take a step into the past please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us(opens in a new tab).