A Medieval Gem on the Coast

Venture off the grid and explore Vasto, a charming Medieval village dating back to the 15th century which overlooks the Adriatic sea. Wandering the narrow alleyways is like taking a step back in time. The historic old town boasts Caldoresco Castle, while lowland white sandy beaches stretch along the coast. This stretch of coastline is an unspoilt haven of tranquility. In the summer months the crowds increase, but this corner remains a relatively unknown gem. Along the coast you will find ‘Punta d’Erca, also known as the Punta Aderci – an untouched area of rugged coastline popular with divers. The area is a protected nature reserve, and you can witness ‘trabocchi’ here – traditional fishing platforms traditionally used for fishing along this stretch of coast. Another ‘must-do’ in this region is to visit the olive oil mill La Selvotta. An integral part of Italian cooking, roam the olive groves, witness the production of this ‘green gold’ and enjoy a tasting!