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June 11th, 2023: Depart Indianapolis, IN (IND airport) at 5:40am to BWI.

Meet your Discovery Expeditions trip leader at Baltimore, MD (BWI airport) for your connection flight to Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR airport).

Welcome to Costa Rica!

San José airport transfer to Sarapiqui and the Tirimbinba Lodge & Rainforest Center.

Evening: Intro the rainforest orientation 

Meals: Dinner

Overnight Tirimbina Lodge

Zone 1: Central Region – Sarapiqui: Lying in the northeast of the country, Sarapiqui is one of the few remaining areas in Costa Rica that is the dwelling of the endangered Green Macaw, Sarapiqui is also home to several nature reserves and national parks including the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the Sarapiqui Protected zone. The region area is full of splendid opportunities to hike, cruise, raft and explore through lush, mountainous primary rainforest. National Parks and private reserves throughout Sarapiqui maintain the old growth forests with well-kept trails where wildlife freely roams. Guided daily educational programs and adventures with our naturalists from our base will allow us to explore everything Costa Rica has to offer; from its tropical forests, wildlife & bird watching, to pristine waterfalls and rivers.  

Over 600 hectares of tropical rainforest make up the Tirimbina Rainforest Center and Wildlife Refuge. Located in the heart of the rainforest next to the Sarapiqui River; it has over 10 miles of trail systems where we will be able to experience a variety of wildlife (especially birds which it is famous for), flora and fauna unique to Costa Rica’s Central Rainforest.   

Activity: Morning: Rainforest reserve hike & exploration 

Afternoon: Science Lab  

Evening: Nocturnal creatures of the rainforest, naturalist hike and exploration 

Meals: B, L, D 

Overnight Tirimbina Lodge 

Activity: Morning: Whitewater Rafting 

Afternoon: Free time at the lodge  

Evening: Science Lab

Meals: B, L, D 

Overnight Tirimbina Lodge

Zone 2: Tortuguero – Costa Rica’s “Little Amazon”: Locate in the northeast corner of Costa Rica, Tortuguero is one of the most visited areas in the country. Here, discover the secrets of exuberant biodiversity and extensive maze of fresh and saltwater canals that intertwine through the jungle that are home to thousands of plants and animals. Within the area of Tortuguero you can find different habitats, including rainforest, swamps, beaches, and lagoons due to its humid, tropical climate that receives up to 250 inches of rain a year. Tortuguero is also a home for sea turtles such as Hawksbill, Loggerheads, Green and Leatherbacks (seasonal). 

Activity: Morning: Transfer to Torguguero via road and boat.  Only accessible via boat our journey to Torguguero takes us through its famous canals surrounded by the rainforest filled with wildlife.  

Afternoon: Cultural tour: Explore the town of Torguguero and museum   

Evening: Torguguero naturalist night hike: Explore the mysterious world of the tropical rainforest at night 

Meals: B, L, D 

Overnight:  Mawamba Lodge 

Activity: Morning: Tortuguero mountain rainforest hike: The most spectacular panoramic view in all of Tortuguero 

Afternoon: Torguguero rainforest & wildlife boat tour – Explore Tortuguero National Park via its canals 

Evening: Torguguero turtle program (*Please note turtle season officially begins the beginning of July, program will be modified based on current turtle activity) 

Meals: B, L, D Overnight:  Mawamba Lodge 

Zone 3: Located in Costa Rica’s fertile northern lowlands, 90km northwest of the capital San Jose, stands the world famous Arenal Volcano. Arenal was Costa Rica’s most active volcano until 2010, and one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world. It has been studied by seismologists for many years. Although the activity nowadays is less damaging, you can still see ash columns and hear underground rumbling. Arenal today has entered into an indeterminate resting phase though it is still a sight to be seen, measuring at 1,633 meters (5,358 ft) with a conically shaped crater spanning 140 meters (460 ft). Beyond the volcano, the Arenal area is now considered the adventure capitol of Costa Rica. There are mountains to be hiked, world class zip-lining, and world-famous volcano hot spring spas to adventure at.  

Activity: Morning: Transfer Tortuguero to Arenal via boat and road 

Afternoon: Arrive late afternoon to lodge 

Evening: Volcano Hot Springs Spa & Water Park 

Meals: B, L, D 

Overnight:  Hotel Faro Arenal 

Activity: Morning: Rainforest zip line adventure 

Afternoon: Sloth Rainforest Experience & Hike – Reforestation project 

Evening: Volcano rainforest naturalist night hike and exploration 

Meals: B, L, D 

Overnight:  Hotel Faro Arenal 

Zone 4: Monteverde: Set atop the spine of Costa Rica’s continental divide, Monteverde is a place of cloud forests and coffee plantations, monkeys, mist, and friendly locals. The town of Santa Elena is small and quaint, filled with tasty restaurants and folksy artisan shops, while the nearby rainforest hosts a remarkable amount of biodiversity. Due to its high altitude – some 4,662 ft (1,440 m) above sea level – Monteverde is one of the most outstanding wildlife sanctuaries in the tropics. The reserve spreads out over 10,500 hectares of land that hold six different life zones. The climate and terrain of the preserve produce an incredible biodiversity. Privileged to receive a steady supply of clouds and the life-giving moisture that they contain, this moisture, often in the form of fog, catches on the branches of the tallest trees and drips down to the other organisms below. This helps to support a complex and far-reaching ecosystem, one that harbors over 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, tens of thousands of insect species, and over 2,500 varieties of plants, 420 of which are orchids alone making Monteverde a true “nature lover’s paradise”. 

Activity: Morning: Transfer Arenal to Monteverde  

Afternoon: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve natural history hike & exploration 

Evening: Science Workshop.

 Meals: B, L, D 

Overnight:  Cloud Forest Monteverde Reserve  

Activity: Morning & Afternoon: Science workshops

Evening: Cloud Forest Night Walk:  Naturalist night hike and exploration 

Meals: B, L, D 

Overnight:  Cloud Forest Monteverde Reserve 

Zone 5: Guanacaste is unique in Costa Rica for its dryer, tropical climate. Although Guanacaste does still experience a rainy season, it is still the driest part of the country. That means more time to experience sunny white sandy beaches or adventuring through lush rainforests. The dry tropical climate and proximity to both beaches and mountains make the ideal location for travelers seeking anything from beach to mountain adventure to nature and birding tours. Guanacaste’s extraordinary natural diversity, great climate, stunning beaches make it the ideal adventure destination.  

Activity: Morning: Science Workshop Monteverde: Choose from above  

Afternoon: Departure 

Late Afternoon arrival Samara Guanacaste free time at the beach 

Evening: Free time or visit to town 

Activity: Morning: Surf School 

Afternoon: Free time at the beach or hotel pool 

Evening: Turtle Program Ostional National Wildlife Refuge (Kemp’s ridley sea turtle)  

Activity: Morning: Ocean Catamaran Sea Safari Dolphin Sightseeing & Snorkeling 

Afternoon: Werner Sauter Reserve naturalist waterfall hike 

Evening:  Visit to town for souvenir shopping 

Overnight to San Jose (5 hours).

Departure transfer to the airport for your flight home.