Your enrollment in DE’s Guaranteed Refund Program is all that is required to ensure you receive the maximum refund possible. With the Travel Protection Plan included in your trip price plus Cancel for Any Reason add-on, you have the best coverage to receive the maximum refund possible in the event of a cancellation.

The CFAR benefit is available for a very low fee. The exact cost is based on trip price — see the chart here!

This all depends on the reason for cancellation:

  • If canceling for a listed covered reason, then yes! You may receive 100% refund.
  • If canceling for any other reason, you can receive an average of 80-95% in refunds by opting for the CFAR coverage.
  • If you choose not to enroll in our Guaranteed Refund Program (that is, you don’t select CFAR within 14 days of registering for the trip), refunds are subject to our cancellation terms.

*Please note that insurance premiums are nonrefundable.

You are protected on both the group and individual levels regarding cancellations for ANY REASON.

You are protected on both the group and individual levels regarding cancellations for ANY REASON. Specific listed covered reasons may qualify for full reimbursement. Please contact us with all cancellation requests. We guarantee you’ll receive the maximum refund that your reason for cancellation allows.

Our partnership with Trip Mate is unique in the student travel industry. Following spring 2020 cancellations due to the global pandemic, we worked closely with Trip Mate to review and enhance procedures to better streamline the claim filing process, speed up the reimbursement timeline, and reduce paperwork to guarantee you receive the maximum refund as quickly as possible.

Refund percentages are based around nonrefundable payments placed on the group’s behalf. Group airfare deposits become nonrefundable starting at 90 days prior to departure, hence the slightly “earlier” timeline for groups traveling by air versus land.

Many tour operators offer dates for pre-arranged departures and trips with little or no say in how a trip is organized… Not us. Rather than provide the same expeditions to everyone, we recognize that different groups have different needs and desires. We work with you to create your own tailor-made trip that feels right and works well for your group, offering our expert knowledge and advice to help guide your decision-making. Discovery Expeditions develops each tour from the ground up and customizes as much as the client wishes. We feel this is the way that fulfilling travel should be.

Read more about how group travel booking works from the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA).